Letter from Randall Morton: Relaunching!

Greetings All,
I’m excited to be working on our next event! After a three-and-a-half year hiatus, we are relaunching The Progressive Forum. In this dangerous time of a Trump Presidency, I believe we need it more than ever. But more deeply, personally, I’ve missed the engagement, the sharing of real values, and the fire of tribal gatherings.

On Monday November 6, we’re presenting Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU, the nation’s premier defender of civil liberties. This, at a time and place that’s fitting: now in Texas and Houston.

The ACLU is leading the resistance on issues we feel acutely here, the abuse of immigrants, voting rights, LGBT rights, press freedoms, and more. For example, Romero and the ACLU achieved a first legal victory by winning a nationwide stay of Trump’s Muslim travel ban just 24 hours after it was issued.

And the Texas affiliate, headquartered in Houston, has been fighting similar discriminatory efforts at the state level and is at the forefront of national legal battles as well. I’m thrilled ACLU of Texas executive director, Terri Burke, will be introducing Anthony Romero.

You’ll love our new venue, Congregation Emanu El, across from Rice University on Sunset Blvd., with one of the most intimate seating arrangements in town, all seats are close to the speaker podium. With 850 seats, about the size of the Alley Theatre, the venue is only 14 rows deep. Parking is free and convenient on the campus.

Thanks in advance for your attendance and your donations. Did you know your support enables us to reach thousands online? I’m proud of our website, a TED-talk site for progressives, the only one if the world. We’re sharing values you care about with a worldwide audience!

I urge you to buy your tickets now, this event is a likely sellout. Don’t miss the chance to reunite with fellow progressives! And to join the resistance!  I’m looking forward to reconnecting, see you Monday, November 6!

Randall R. Morton
Founder, President