Joe Klein

Senior Time magazine columnist speaks on “Islam, Iraq, and The War On Terror.” Houston, Texas, Wortham Center, April 12, 2007.

SHORT. Universal service by citizens would mean healthier politics. 6:31

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SHORT. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and terrorism. 2:56

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Joe Klein is introduced by Progressive Forum president, Randall R. Morton. 2:56

Joe Klein | April 12, 2007 | Wortham Center | The Progressive Forum


Joe Klein is the political columnist for Time magazine and a regular writer for its Swampland blog. He is a frequent guest on Meet the Press and The Chris Mathews Show. He is a former Guggenheim fellow and is a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He’s the author of many books including his latest, Politics Lost: How American Politics Was Trivialized By People Who Think You’re Stupid, which The Washington Post called “a highly entertaining tour of how political consultants progressively hijacked the presidential campaigns of the last 40 years.” His book, Primary Colors, inspired by the 1992 presidential race, spent 25 consecutive weeks on The New York Times bestseller list and was adapted into a major motion picture starring John Travolta and Emma Thompson. Klein has also served as a Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, a columnist for Newsweek magazine, Washington bureau chief at Rolling Stone, and political columnist for New York magazine. This speaker page shares a segment from his presentation.

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