Larry Wilmore

Actor, writer, producer on his book I’d Rather We Got Casinos And Other Black Thoughts. Houston, Texas, Wortham Center, February 25, 2009.

Larry Wilmore preperformance interview with Suzanne Longley, Progressive Forum board director 7:17
Larry Wilmore | February 25, 2009 | Wortham Center | The Progressive Forum


Emmy winner, Larry Wilmore, is host of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore which premiered in January 2015 on Comedy Central. Prior to that, he may have been best known as the “Senior Black Correspondent” on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, where he has been appearing since 2006. He released his first book at The Progressive Forum, I’d Rather We Got Casinos And Other Black Thoughts (Hyperion, 2009). For most of his career, Wilmore has worked primarily behind the camera as a television producer and writer. In 2001, Wilmore won a Peabody Award for his work on The Bernie Mac Show. And in 2002, for the same show, he won an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. He’s written for shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In Living Color, and The Jamie Foxx Show. He cocreated the animated show The PJs with Eddie Murphy. He was a consulting producer and writer for The Office and appeared as Mr. Brown, diversity consultant. Wilmore grew up in suburban Los Angeles. His brother, Marc Wilmore, writes for The Simpsons. We are pleased to share his preperformance interview.

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