Letter from Randall Morton: Our closing event

Greetings All,
After nine years of sharing the warm light of a tribal campfire with you, a gathering of kindred spirits with the great minds, we are ending our theatrical events and continuing the mission online. I will miss you.

But I hope you'll join me for the closing event on Monday, April 21, with Bill McKibben, a fitting finality on the most important issue of all, solving the climate crisis. After the program, please be part of our special reception in the grand foyer sharing toasts and memories with complimentary refreshments. This event should attract a capacity audience, you'll see many friends there, it will be a memorable night. It's our small way of saying thank you.

We leave a lasting gift to our Houston community, video recordings of our past speakers, great minds with great answers fostering the success of individuals, our species, and life on the planet. Nothing replaces the kinship of a personally shared experience. But with a dynamic website, we are evolving our business model to reach an even larger, worldwide audience, and I hope you'll join me there.

What's driving our closing? It's time for me to get on with the writing of several books while I'm feeling healthy and energetic. I can't put this off any longer.

The timing is also driven by a mandate from Houston First, the corporation which operates the city's theaters. Starting this summer, presenters like us who rent the theaters must give up our custom box office operations and use theirs. Unfortunately, there are no alternative theaters. Our board has considered the related issues including going forward with a new team to succeed me. But after a year of intense examination, we believe a virtual future is best for The Progressive Forum at this time.

Healthy endings are part of life. It's been a good run. This is what I want to focus on. The Progressive Forum has been successful in every way, you and our community have made it happen, and it's time to celebrate these achievements.

I hope what you take away are the rich inspirations from our programs, as well as the inspirations from the people closely involved, our remarkable attendees, donors, event sponsors, promotional partners, volunteers, directors, advisors, and production teams. That's what it is for me, the people.

I started my search for authentic answers at the age of 20, finding traditional sources and conventional thinking unsatisfying. Now at the age of 65, it is deeply satisfying to be growing into a sense of knowing after we've cultivated the great answers together. We are proud to offer the pantheon of great minds on our website for the enrichment of humanity. With our team, I look forward to our joining forces in continuing to nurture and promote this global media resource, I hope you'll join me in this journey.

Do get your tickets for April 21!

I wish the word, thanks, was adequate. My best to you in your own search for answers.

Randall R. Morton
Founder, President