Nikole Hannah-Jones

Pulitzer Prize winner Nikole Hannah-Jones appeared at The Progressive Forum to discuss her book, The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story, on August 24, 2022, at Congregation Emanu El, Houston, Texas.

SHORT: A public school teacher helped 15-year-old Nikole discover herself and the year 1619, including a world of historic knowledge that the powers that be “don’t teach you because you start to challenge.” (7:16)

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Q&A with Nikole Hannah-Jones with Oni Blair, ACLU of Texas executive director, and Randall Morton, founder of The Progressive Forum. (1:15:04)

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SHORT: "A healthy society doesn’t ban books.” The Texas legislature explicitly banned The 1619 Project from being taught in public schools K-12. (6:28)

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SHORT: “We’re in an era of racist progress, not racial progress.” Racism is a 400-year-old structural problem, not a matter of a few individuals. (2:43)

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SHORT: The founding fathers, mainly Virginians, designed a government with excessive checks and balances compared to other democracies that are more action oriented, to prevent the federal government from undermining slavery. (5:40)



Nikole Hannah-Jones is a journalist for The New York Times, covering racial injustice. She won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020 for her work creating The 1619 Project. In 2017, she received a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, known as the genius grant, for her work on educational inequality. In 2021, Time magazine named her among the world’s 100 most influential people. She has won a Peabody Award, two George Polk Awards, three National Magazine Awards, and the 2018 John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism. In 2016, she co-founded the Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting, a training and mentorship organization geared toward increasing the number of investigative reporters of color. Hannah-Jones is the Knight Chair in Race and Journalism at Howard University, where she founded the Center for Journalism and Democracy.

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