Houston Chronicle Op-Ed: Nature Can Store More Carbon Than Exxon’s Sequestration Scheme

Read the op-ed by Progressive Forum founder Randall Morton, published in the Sunday, December 19, edition of the Houston ChronicleThis essay is among the first to call out Houston’s climate plans, especially a plan by Greater Houston Partnership for Exxon to be subsidized by taxpayers to deploy a $100 billion boondoggle – a scheme to create the world’s largest carbon capture zone in the Houston Ship Channel  repeating the failures of others at this unproven technology. Morton quotes the very consultants used by GHP and McKinsey & Company, who make the case for more powerful, nature-based solutions.

"Houston’s annual emissions are as massive as those of many nations that attended the United Nations climate conference, with more than 34 million metric tons according to Houston’s Climate Action Plan. But in June, Mayor Sylvester Turner and the Greater Houston Partnership announced a 2050 plan that could prolong our massive emissions instead of reducing them."

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